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Can we really dispense with Facebook?

facebook dispense
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Can we really dispense with Facebook?

Can we realy dispense with Facebook?

After the recent developments that Facebook faced, Many users of the company’s applications are looking for other applications.

But is it easy to leave Facebook permanently?

The Washington Post published a report on how to move from Facebook to another place, the difficulty of this transition, and what you will lose as a user if you move to other applications.

The report says many users are trying to figure out how to redeem themselves after recent revelations about Facebook’s business practices, culminating in former employee Frances Hogan testifying about wrongdoing to lawmakers about the social network’s harmful impact on children.

The report explains that it is easy to say that you are ready to leave Facebook, but knowing which alternative applications to turn to is the difficult part, and the separation also means cutting off Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, as they are all owned by Facebook.

For some people in emerging markets, Facebook is inexpensive, and leaving also means giving up a number of online relationships that you may not be able to re-establish elsewhere. Nor is it easy to transfer entire online communities or extended families to other services such as Twitter, Slack, and Tik Tok. The truth is that leaving Facebook is not possible for everyone.

With nearly 3 billion users around the world, Facebook is more of a public good than a fun social app. It is impractical, even unfair, to ask many people to quit smoking immediately.

Unless you have the contact information of everyone you know on Facebook, you will cut off connections that are hard to make again. Nor can you find all the features of Facebook and its members in one service. Are all your older relatives on Tik Tok? And snapchat? And when you find people elsewhere, they likely won’t have the same experience. And know that if you leave, not many others will be able to leave, or they will not be able to switch with you.

Finally, remember that just because these companies aren’t Facebook, that doesn’t mean they don’t have the same issues to watch out for. And you may have security concerns about TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. Small businesses may not have a strong security or privacy infrastructure, as we saw with the massive Parler program earlier this year.

However, this does not prevent you from making the change, but know the right destination that suits your needs.

Groups on Facebook are one of the biggest reasons people come to Facebook, because it allows anyone to start a community on the service and connect millions of people to each other who aren’t friends or contacts in the real world. Facebook also connects people with rare medical conditions, who live in the same neighborhoods, or who have almost anything in common. Know that if you leave, it will be nearly impossible to recreate larger groups, especially if many members are struggling to learn new applications.

A good alternative, Slack is a good choice for complex groups who want to discuss various sub-topics, share files, and chat constantly. There are free options, but they don’t save past conversations forever.

Reddit is also a classic place for online communities, and it’s especially smart if you’re interested in a public group and attracting new members. You can also go to where millions of young people have created the Discord Store, and Slack-like has rich voice chat features for lounging in real time.

Where do you spend your time?

If you enjoy memes and are just looking for the best way to scroll mindlessly without getting stressed, then head over to Tik Tok, an alternative especially for anyone who enjoys Instagram Reels. And if you’re interested in lifestyle content on Instagram and yearn to stare at someone’s clean house, head back to Pinterest or even an app like Houzz, they are just nice homes for others. YouTube is a classic time killer, but it has had some issues about misinformation and its effect on kids like Facebook.

Where do you go for news?

Many people are known to get their news on Facebook, including a great deal of misinformation about topics such as vaccines. And Facebook is probably the first place you go for trusted news.

And if you want to get the best of today’s news from multiple outlets, try the Google News website or app on Android and iOS, or the Apple News app, both of which do a great job. Good at sorting information and choosing reliable sources.

And if what you enjoy most in the news is live chat or the occasional controversy, look no further than any section for comments on individual articles or head over to Twitter. You can also follow news organizations on Snapchat.

chat groups

When choosing where to go, consider the features that are most important to you, such as fun stickers and end-to-end interaction or encryption. If you mainly talk to family members, ask what they already use and consider their ability to learn a new tool. And if they are in a different country, they may be on an app that is very popular there but not in your country.

Signal is a secure, encrypted, no-frills messaging app that doesn’t upload your contacts, so you stay in control of that data. Snapchat is also packed with fun features like filters, but some of its communication options are encrypted.

After seeing the above information, you can now make up your mind about leaving the Facebook app.

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